Monday, July 6, 2009

me & my flowery cuppies

woaahh....heheheee..jangan tergezut,'s just me & my cuppies..ekceli really proud that i manage to do it. thanx to Kak Chepah's u believe it..??if u do, don't malu2 to emel me if u wanna me to deco ur cuppies with those luvly emel

Primerose (need to improve it..)

apa ek nama bunga nie..lupo la pulak...'sweet pea' kot...hehehee..
Forget Me Not


Chrysanthemum (need to improve..hehehe..)

Drop Flower

Rosette (from my observation, ramai yang suka flower nie on their cuppies)

hmmm..apo laie...bunga Rose ler...

Apple Blossom

bunga Lily

so how is it..???not bad eh..dun wori..i'll improve it to make sure the result will better next time...

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